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Roller compactor News

Roller compactor pharmaceutical Application

Date£º2019/1/19 19:02:28¡¡Click£º55

(Granulating Machine)  Application

Drugs: pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine, crude drugs
Chemical products: fuel, soda ash, chemical fertilizer, detergents

Fine chemicals industries, catalysts and other products, such as pet medication and dry powder particles

Granulating Machine Advantages: 
¢ÙThe environmentally friendly granulation process saves energy, is pollution free and requires no wetting agents (solvents, alcohol, water or starch). 
¢Ú Explosion risks and other environmental problems caused by gas exhaust pollution are solved 
¢ÛThe drying process saves a large amount of energy when compared to other traditional equipment. 
¢ÜWith the development of new adhesives for dry granulation and industrial production, the cost has been greatly reduced. The successful development of the "GMP" GL, GLX series automatic dry granulating machine has achieved. Dry granulation technology is getting more and more popula

()  Application